Popular Wedding Dress Styles To Consider

Are you trying to figure out what style of wedding dress you’re going to wear?

There are so many popular wedding dress styles to choose from. But instead of going for a specific style, here’s a suggestion.

Why not check every part of a wedding dress and create a unique design for yourself?

You can look at the different types of silhouettes, necklines, waistlines, and sleeves. You can take your pick for each part and then see how it all looks together?

That’s a great plan to get the perfect wedding dress style for yourself.

Let’s look at your options.


The silhouette is basically the general shape of the wedding dress.

You have the ballgown that has a fitted bodice with a full skirt. This isn’t ideal for petite frames because the skirt can seem overpowering.

An A-Line silhouette that’s like a tamed version of a ballgown. The skirt looks like the shape of the letter A – fitted at the waist and getting fuller as it reaches the hem. This is great for all body types. If you want a skirt that’s fitted closer to your legs, choose a modified A-line.

A simple silhouette that’s great for any height is a sheath. It drapes straight and is narrow from top to bottom.

The mermaid is a tight-fitting dress that goes all the way to the knees. Then, it flares and gets fuller until it reaches the floor. This style can make an hourglass figure look incredible. A slightly similar silhouette is the trumpet. Only this time, it’s only fitted until mid-thigh before it flares out. This is great for emphasising fuller hips.

If you prefer shorter dresses, the silhouettes you can choose from is a mini that falls above the knee or a tea-length that stops right between your knees and ankles.


Necklines are important because it compliments certain parts of your body. It also sets the style of your wedding dress.

You have the Off-the-shoulder that exposes the collarbone and shoulders. There’s the Asymmetric style where only one shoulder has a strap and the neckline drapes right across the bust. The Boat Neck or Bateau is a straight neckline from shoulder to shoulder – going along the collarbone.

If you want a sexier look, opt for a halter gown where you have a round neckline with narrow straps going around the back of the neck. This exposes your shoulders and allows the gown design to reveal your upper back.

For a more conservative look, go for a High-neck that covers the neck, Jewel with a round neckline that’s just below the collarbone, or the Illusion neckline that’s similar to the Jewel but with the shape of a sweetheart.


The waistline of your wedding dress will play a huge role in accentuating the shape of your body.

You can choose the Asymmetrical waistline where the seam is higher on one side. The Empire-cut is characterised by the seam between the bustline and stomach – where the rest of the dress flows all the way to the hem.

The Basque gives a slimming effect because the bodice falls just below the actual waistline, ending with a V in front. The Inverted Basque is the same but with the V-shape downwards.

If you want it lower, go for a Drop waistline where the bodice reaches up to the mid hip – making it perfect for hourglass figures. There’s also the Exaggerated Drop where the bodice reaches the thighs or above the knee.

If you just want a simple style, for a Natural waist dress that’s exactly where your waistline is. Or you can opt for the Princess Seams where there’s no seam at all.



The sleeves give your dress a sense of style and personality.

If you want sleeves, you can go for the Long Sleeves that end up to your wrist or the 3/4 Sleeve where it ends between your elbow and wrist. You also have the Short-Sleeve that covers your biceps and triceps, or the Cap Sleeve that’s like a small addition to a sleeveless wedding gown.

If you don’t like sleeves, you can opt for a Spaghetti strap gown with really delicate and thin straps over your shoulders or a typical Sleeveless style with a wider strap.

A Strapless gown is one that has no sleeves or straps. The neckline usually follows a sweetheart or straight cut across the bust area.

With all these styles, can you come up with a unique wedding gown design for yourself?