Play Slot Games With a Princess Theme

If you happen to be planning your big day and all the nitty gritty that come with it, chances are you may be feeling far from a princess, or a prince, even. The process of deciding everything that goes on, including trying to figure out the right colours for the dresses for the bridesmaids.

The whole experience is a nerve-wracking one, draining, both on an emotional and physical level. If upping your budget leeway and savings is on your agenda, then you should try your hand at playing a princess-themed slot game at an online casino. One example of a casino that provides games of this type and smooth payouts is Casumo.

Hereunder, you may find a review of a handful of such games which, we hope, will entertain and entice you with their intricate charm and fun.

  • Jaguar Princess

The slot game Jaguar Princess is the work of H5G. The slot is about a princess who reigns over a kingdom of wild cats of the likes of leopards, snow leopards, and pumas. So as to be rewarded with the promised riches, the princess must trail through many battles with all kinds of antagonists, finally winning the battle of the big cats and emerging with victory through the terror and perils of the deep, dark jungle. It is a 4×6 matrix reel, and it offers a variety of payout options, as well as bonuses of the likes of wilds, free games, and stacked symbols, with a generous option of stakes and lines selection. The slot is as flexible as games can get as it can be played on virtually any smartphone, mobile device, or computer.

  • Magic Princess

Another game carrying the princess theme is the Magic Princess slot, a great game developed by the internationally-acclaimed Novomatic. Magic Princess is a five-reel and nine-line game which boasts a hefty jackpot of up to 10K. It contains a substantial variety of bonus multipliers as well as an array of free spins guaranteeing an exceedingly entertaining play. Magic Princess is similar to other slots by Novomatic.

  • Princess of Paradise

The slot Princess of Paradise is another game by H5G and it is based in the Amazon jungle. The slot is about a princess who lives surrounded by a variety of animals of likes of birds, hippos, zebras, giraffes, apes, and much more. It possesses many payout options as well as three bonuses which include the wild, scatter, and a number of free games.As you can see there are many different slots that bring players into the world of the princesses.