Don’t Want White Dress? – There Are Other Options

Weddings are quite a standard ordeal. Everything is expected to follow a particular ritual or way of doing things. This applies most particularly to the bride’s wedding gown. White has been known to be a symbol of purity on one’s wedding day ever since the time of Queen Victoria’s wedding who wore it as a symbol of cleanliness, to signify that she, unlike some other women, was not “damaged goods.”

And the idea caught on, as women strived to achieve such an ideal. But times are changing, and women are testing new styles and colours, ranging from a simple variation and play on white such as ivory or eggshell white, to more bombastic and daring shades, pushing aside so-called rules.

Breaking the Mould

Once a bride-to-be decides to venture out and take the daring step away from the traditional white wedding, the options are seemingly endless; the bride-to-be is spoilt for choice and can treat her wedding like she is at a casino and play with colour options like she would play slot games with a princess theme. The range of hues available is huge. It is only fair for the bride to choose a colour which “speaks” to her on a personal level, rather than opting for a standardized version of things.

Ideas for the Slightly Bold

If you are looking at adding a simple touch of bold to your dress, but do not wish to come across as too bold, then a touch of gold is a safe yet elegant and classy choice. Gold tints can range from champagne to brighter golden hue, which may be complemented with the likes of flower detailing, tinges of gold décor, as well as choosing to accent features in your dress by adding specific detailing to your bridesmaids’ attire.

Ideas for the Decidedly Bolder

If your venture is a more daring one and your spirit screams wild and adventurous, then perhaps bolder choices such as blue or the very opposite of white – black – would be your more ideal options. Both blue and black seem to be the rave amongst the more daring brides-to-be, and again, the hue and saturation options come in a wide variety; you can have baby or navy blue, grey or the boldest black.

Blush pinks combined with the traditional white and some accent features (think flowers and sequin details) will allow you to combine the traditional with the daring and alluring, giving you the option to achieve both options in one elegant and classy gown.