Wedding Dress Trends for 2017

The search for your ideal wedding gown is a rite of passage and one which, in most cases, takes a considerable amount of time. It often times involves a lot of research and scouring through ideas and sample dresses.

There are many designers to take a look at, and each style produced is likely to contain features which might strike the bride-to-be. Thus, it would be a good idea to dive in to the wedding dress trends forecast for 2017 as outlined in this article, for some much-needed style inspiration to jump start you on your dress-choice journey.

Less is More

Simple, chic, no frills, wedding dresses are in with a blast. Such dresses make a return to simplicity and elegance for that bride who is not too keen to make herself over with a bedazzled look. Another trend following in the lines of perfect simplicity is the “separates” trend, whereby a bride-to-be can choose to opt out from wearing a gown, should she for some reason, not wish to wear one.

If you are rather unconventional, then a tea-length dress might just be the “one” for you; an epitome of simplicity, oozing a true vintage vibe.

Dressing Up the Dress

Contrasting such a look, is the “romantic ruffles” trend, whereby the accents in the dress serve to accentuate an overall feminine aura. If you are after a bit of an “oomph” and an overall pompous feeling, then you should most definitely check this trend out. Accents, which are very much the “in” trend for the year 2017, can be also reflected in dresses with huge, pretty bows as the main eye-catcher of the dress, or in dresses studded with beautiful flowers, be it a floral print or in 3D, sequins style, jazzed up to the liking of the bride-to-be and/or the designer. The back will also serve as an eye-catching trend in 2017, as accentuated backs and bare backs make a heavy and stunning comeback on the bridal runway. For the more daring bride-to-be, sheer dresses are also in. If you have spent many hours sweating it away at the gym, then you are likely more than ready to showcase your work, and what better way to do it then by opting for this daring number? If abs are your thing, you could also opt for the huge trendsetter that are crop-top gowns, ideal for a beach wedding or a wedding set in a hot climate.